Unfortunately there is not much advice I can give you on how to keep moles from venturing onto your property In fact, it can sometimes seem as though they have parachuted in!

Completely walled gardens are still not fool proof.

Moles are most active in early Spring, this is when the males are looking for a mate  This is the best time of year for trapping. Moles give birth in May/June and can have litters of up to five, so it is very important to keep a check on their numbers, as population booms are all too frequent. We have been trapping moles for 27 years and have accounted for thousands of them.

If you have a mole in your garden and would like professional help in dealing with them, please do not trample down any moved dirt from your garden, as these raised areas will enable us to work out where they are, and allow for easier and quicker trapping.